Jeffrey Morseburg has been dealing in the works of Eduard Cortes and other Parisian painters for most of his life.  He grew up in the art business and is an appraiser, curator, archivist, writer, researcher and dealer in American and European Art.  He writes extensively on French Art and has visited the homes and art colonies of France.

Edouard Cortes:

This site is one of series of web sites on French Art and artists that I will be producing and editing over the coming months.  I will be expanding this site with additional images and text as time allows.


If you have a painting that you would like to have appraised or evaluated, please send images of the front, back and signature along with the history of the painting in question and we will be glad to give you an initial evaluation without charge. If you need a formal appraisal for insurance or estate purposes, we can provide those as well.

Have a Cortes That Needs to be Appraised or Evaluated?

Conatct: jeffreymorseburg@yahoo.com  (310) 967-3072


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